City of Ottawa outlines pot rules

City of Ottawa outlines pot rules

The City of Ottawa is remindings they can’t consume cannabis on city property now that it’s legal to use marijuana in Canada.

Starting today, it’s legal for adults to possess, grow and consume recreational cannabis. In Ontario, the minimum legal age for consumption and possession is 19.

The Ontario Government says it will be legal to consume cannabis where smoking is allowed, subject to certain exemptions.

In Ottawa, you will not be allowed to smoke cannabis in the following places:

  • On or near restaurant or bar patios
  • In City of Ottawa parks, arenas, recreational centers, libraries, pools
  • OC Transpo transit stations, buses and the O-Train
  • In enclosed public places, such as inside businesses, hospitals and restaurants
  • In enclosed workplaces
  • In common areas of buildings, condominiums, and college and university residences, such as hallways, laundry rooms and entertainment rooms
  • At and near schools
  • On hospital grounds
  • At child-care centers

Ontario’s legislation also prohibits the consumption of cannabis in a vehicle or boat, and requires that any cannabis in a vehicle or boat be unopened, in its original packaging or not be readily