Small pets can now ride on OC Transpo

Small pets can now ride on OC Transpo

Ottawa’s buses and trains have just become a lot more animal-friendly.

As of today, OC Transpo passengers can bring their pets on board with them — as long as they’re properly stowed away.

The change comes after the city’s transit commission passed a motion in February allowing small pets in carriers to ride along with their owners.

Cats, small dogs and even snakes will now be permitted on-board. Previously, only service animals were allowed to take mass transit.


Here are OC Transpo’s new rules:

  • Pets must be secured in a pet carrier at all times, unless it’s a registered service animal.
  • When seated, riders must place their pet carriers on their laps.
  • When standing, riders must either hold on to their pet carriers or place them on the floor at their feet.
  • Pet carriers must not be placed on seats.
  • Pet carriers must also not be placed within aisles, as it could impede the flow of passengers through the bus or train.
  • No animals prohibited by the City of Ottawa area allowed on board.

The new rules will also extend to the Confederation light rail line when it begins operating later this year.